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This quirky, eclectic city serves as the capital of the smallest state in the Union, Rhode Island.  Originally inhabited by Narragansett and Wampanoag American Indians, Europeans began moving into the area in 1636, followed by individuals from all over the world.

Providence’s industrial past looms large in the minds of its residents.  The city itself is only five miles away from Slater Mill, the site considered to be the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution.   As new factories were built in Providence to produce textiles, silverware, machinery, and jewelry, new populations came into the city.  Today Providence boasts a diverse population, with communities of Italian, Portuguese, Irish, and Cape Verdean descent (among many more).

As traditional industries left Providence in the late 20th century, the population of the city decreased, leaving a low density and decentralized population with abundant expanses of open urban and post-industrial space. Providence is no longer “the Beehive of Industry” as it was once known, but now is branded as “the Creative Capital.”  With five institutions of higher learning in the city and an abundance of engaging programs and organizations, Providence has become a place for creative individuals to thrive.