Brett Lashua

Brett is a musician and a lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University.  His research is concerned primarily with the ways that young people make sense of their lives through arts and cultural practices such as popular music (especially hip-hop) as well as how young people are ‘made sense of’ through particular representational and narrative strategies. Questions of social space, place and cultural geographies also run through his work. Brett’s PhD research was an arts-based ethnographic project (The Beat of Boyle Street) working with Aboriginal-Canadian young people via a music-making programme at an inner-city charter school in Edmonton, Alberta. Brett has also been involved in ethnographic studies of youth transitions into adulthood in theSouth Wales Valleys (with Tom Hall & Amanda Coffey), and mapping musicians’ everyday routines against the changing landscape of Liverpool (with Sara Cohen). Brett is currently working with a group of documentary filmmakers to conduct oral history interviews with Black musicians in Liverpool’s L8 (or Toxteth) neighbourhood.