Rachel Herz

Rachel Herz, PhD has been conducting research on olfaction, emotion and cognition since 1990. She has published over 65 original research papers, co-edited college textbooks and received a number of grants and prestigious awards.

Since 2000 she has been on the faculty at Brown University.  Dr. Herz’s research has shown how odor-evoked memory is emotionally unique compared to other kinds of memory experiences, how emotional associations can change odor perception, and how odors can be conditioned to emotions and subsequently influence motivated behavior.  Her work also deals with how language can affect odor perception and her laboratory has empirically demonstrated the first instance of olfactory illusions created by words alone.  A third area of interest concerns the role of body-odor and fragrance in heterosexual attraction.  Her most recent research involves investigating various facets of the emotion of disgust.



A Selection of Dr. Herz’s Works:

Odor-associative Learning and Emotion: Effects on Perception and Behavior

Changing Odor Hedonic Perception Through Emotional Associations in Humans

Olfaction, Emotion, and Associate Learning: Effects on Motivated Behavior

Neuroimaging Evidence for the Emotional Potency of Odor-Evoked Memory

The Influence of Verbal Labeling on the Perception of Odors: Evidence for Olfactory Illusions?

Are Odors the Best Cues to Memory?